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Image as the language of instruction for EAL learners of ANY language background

independent learning • small group teaching • differentiation in class

Used in hundreds of schools across 20+ countries

10+ million lessons learnt
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Are you a class teacher?


Are you a class teacher?

Learning Village is a time-saving, ready-made online EAL curriculum for students to use independently. Learners can pre-learn progressive English language and more technical vocabulary and language structures that align with your lessons and support you with differentiation. It includes assessment, which identifies learner progress and flashcards resources to go with every lesson.


Are you an EAL/ESL teacher/specialist?


Are you an EAL/ESL teacher/specialist?

Learning Village provides content-rich, progressive, fast-moving online and offline EAL intervention support for learners to be successful. It incorporates assessment, sophisticated tracking of progress and flashcard games for every lesson. Content can be customised to suit EAL lessons and learners’ day-to-day technical language learning as well as phonics. Use this invaluable resource to pre-teach vocabulary and language structures, gap fill as well as support learning English quickly and consistently at school and at home.


Are you a teaching assistant?


Are you a teaching assistant?

Learning Village is a ready made EAL online curriculum incorporating the expert guidance needed to deliver an excellent programme of learning that supports teachers to move learners into English quickly. Access the content rich programme and share progress results with other teachers. Learners can use Learning Village independently or in small groups increasing capacity to support more learners effectively, consistently and successfully.


Are you a school leader?


Are you a school leader?

Learning Village is a ready made online EAL curriculum that fits exactly with learner needs and school curriculum. This learning tool can be used independently and in groups, increasing capacity to consistently support increased numbers of new arrivals. Learning Village includes a sophisticated tracking tool to assess and monitor progress. It also offers a great platform for family learning!

Everyday survival language

helping learners with functional social language and the language of learning

A full phonics programme

to support learners with decoding the English script, leading on to teaching the first 2,000 high frequency words

Academic and technical curriculum language

to support learners with accessing the curriculum – primary and secondary – through curriculum content vocabulary and language structures

Reading fluency & comprehension

helping learners with the components of reading, allowing them to comprehend through images, and practise rehearsal of language with fluency exercises

Online & offline EAL provision

6-11 'The Village'

The Village and The Islands include:
  • 22,650+ words and phrases across 3,700+ lessons, for speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • image-based learning, to assist learners who are unable to read in their mother tongue
  • excellent support for Special Educational Needs learners
  • techniques to help learners support themselves
  • support for blended learning and for self-study
The Village and The Islands adopt a blended approach: the comprehensive online programme is supported by offline, teacher-directed learning and resources.

12-16 'The Islands'

The Islands is aimed at learners aged from 12 to 16 years. It has a different look and feel to The Village, to appeal to older users. The Islands builds on the learning from The Village to encompass more subject-specific language for the secondary level of education.

The Islands gives learners greater ownership over their learning, introducing them to self-study techniques and encouraging them to customise their own area of the site.

Some of our awards

Articles from our blog

New arrival in front of school
Created: Fri 9th Sep 2022

It's September - you come in for your inset day, and find out that you have two new starters in your class. One is an English as an Additional Language (EAL) new arrival. What does this mean - for them and for you?

What is a new arrival?

"New arrivals can be described as:

Literacy: Student writing
Created: Wed 7th Sep 2022

Author: Breda Matthews, EAL Specialist

Schools often have a number of students who are not yet literate in English. Whilst this includes English-speaking children who are only just learning to read and write, it also covers other groups of learners, including:

  • 'pre-literate' learners who come from an oral language tradition where there is no written form of the language. This can make the concepts of reading and writing very difficult to grasp.

Teenagers reading
Created: Thu 1st Sep 2022

Author: Christine Hanley, EAL Specialist


Assessment and tracking

The Learning Village continually assesses learner progress and tracks each learner’s engagement, success and challenges. The system provides teachers with an automatic breakdown of progress for each learner, with advice on the next steps.

Teachers can also use the integral Planner & Tracker tool for their own assessments and to plan future learning.

Learn/practise/assess methodology

Learners learn through topics presented in images, audio and text. They practise through scaffolded matching, spelling, sentence-ordering exercises and games. They are assessed at the beginning and end, to track their learning and support their next steps.

Fun and interactive practice games

The Learning Village is engaging, fun and immersive! Through practice games, learners build their knowledge step by step.

Customise your learner's journey

Every learner has different abilities – and every school has different needs. Teachers can easily search the Learning Village to find the lessons their learners need to focus on.

Create your own lessons

Teachers can use our dedicated tools to create their own lessons on the Learning Village – on any subject they wish! They can also make specific requests for further content and resources from the Learning Village team.

Offline resources

TThe Learning Village offers a blended learning experience, mixing online and offline learning. In addition to the online programme, we provide a wealth of offline resources – and the capacity for teachers to create their own.

Our aim is to keep teachers in the driving seat: they know their learners best and understand the environment in which they are working.

Multi-player games

Our exciting, safe, multi-player game options let students revise learning by playing games against students in their own school – or in the 30+ countries in which the programme operates.

Populate your village/islands

Learners make virtual friends as they progress through their learning journeys. Each friend provides a short comprehension exercise, to consolidate learning.

What our teachers think

Sam Thorne

Hylands Primary School

The Learning Village is great. The children absolutely love it and I have to say I’ve been enjoying and learning as I go along. We had a Teaching and Learning Review at our school the other day and I used the Learning Village to demonstrate how we support our EAL pupils. [The consultants] seemed very impressed and actually spoke to the Local Authority Advisor about how well the Learning Village was being used at our school.

Vicki Wilson

Year 2 EAL teacher and EAL Team Leader, YCIS HK Primary.

I really liked the sentence activities, it really stretched my students and I saw a marked improvement. Overall I love the concept of the Learning Village - making friends highly motivated my  students and they loved exploring the village. The graphics are wonderful.

Laura Haines

EAL Coordinator, International School of Milan, Italy

I see the children relaxed and happy when they are on the Learning Village. I can see that they are proud of their progress and feel a sense of achievement which they can share with others. I think that there are a lot of good EAL ‘games’ available but this is a comprehensive programme that can be integrated into any curriculum.

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Top schools for: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Tudor Primary60121,918,796
Buxton School4081814,289
Wood End Academy1553718,040
Groningse Schoolvereniging2814702,439
ISL (Luxembourg)5144674,294
Academia Británica Cuscatleca51623,144,582
Tudor Primary60121,898,850
Levenshulme high school87281,345,391
Groningse Schoolvereniging28141,322,363
The British School58501,264,433
Academia Británica Cuscatleca51624,333,203
The Royal School Wolverhamptonn150662,586,058
Tudor Primary60122,412,154
The British School58502,094,494
Tudor Primary60123,412,121
The British School Warsaw211422,058,529
The British School58501,703,296
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon87261,333,840
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon87265,378,330
IPS Almere260042,298,532
Tudor Primary60121,729,126
The British School58501,572,999
The British School Warsaw211421,394,599
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon87262,961,579
The British School of Guangzhou53502,807,815
Ormiston Primary314171,550,082
Shortstown Primary School286391,371,314
The British School Warsaw211421,279,510

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon872612,257,560
Tudor Primary601211,889,645
Academia Británica Cuscatleca51628,916,880
The British School58508,706,745
The British School of Guangzhou53508,532,665
Holsworthy Community College29506248,785
Paraparaumu College29360130,503
Yinjie Qiao's Learning Village1426790,428
Hobsonvillepoint Secondary School2066670,361
Evans Bay Intermediate3417465,852
The British School of Guangzhou5350138,405
Laude Newton College3051173,408
Holly Lodge High School694767,571
Ecole internationale Ruban Vert2970166,973
Murrays Bay Primary5366161,960
Burley St Matthias Primary school 275488,263
Hurunui College355457,942
St James CofE Junior School703947,733
Kings Leadership Academy Bolton662796,518
Tahuna Normal Intermediate School311776,007