Community Village

An initial Maths assessment for EAL pupils to identify gaps in learning.
Learners will use language structures based around the language of self-assessment. The learner will be introduced to a sliding scale of vocabulary to communicate how much of the lesson or part of the lesson they understood.
A chart to record learner behaviours and their frequency.
Phonics tricky word assessment for phases 2 to 5.
A useful proforma to record the progress of your EAL pupils.
EAL learning record to track the strategic use of flashcards.
A personal mistakes profile template for marking and giving learners feedback on their written work.
A simple marking code for marking the work of lower-ability groups of EAL learners, which both you and your learners can quickly understand.
A useful template to complete a school language profile.
A resource containing useful suggestions and links to articles and resources for welcoming and supporting Ukrainian learners.
This questionnaire can be given to students before their transition to their new school or can be used by teachers in a first meeting interview. There are also activity ideas for the old and new school to make transitioning easier.
A printable behaviour for learning chart with space for translation.
A checklist of top tips for supporting EAL learners in the mainstream classroom. Includes tips on oral language development, teaching vocabulary, error correction techniques, reading and writing.