Pricing information

EAL teaching through the Learning Village includes:

  • Learn EAL through individual student login (students can login and play tracked, personalised learning journeys)
    • 3 programmes of learning (beginner-intermediate English, curriculum content and phonics + first 2000 high frequency words)
    • 900+ progressive lessons incorporating 9000+ words and phrases
    • Assess, learn, practice, reassess and revise
  • Teach any of the 900+ lessons through the teacher’s demo learner
  • Read short progressive reading comprehensions based on learning when meeting virtual friends and visiting different locations.
  • View time spent learning
  • View leader board
  • Compete with other students (multiplayer feature)
  • Translate to mother tongue
  • 8400+ flashcards
  • Resources for assessment, phonics and planning
  • Customise the learning journey to suit your learners’ needs
  • Detailed progress tracking
  • View time spent learning
  • Manage your student’s programme of learning
  • Send and receive messages with your learners
  • Receive email notifications on learner progress

Minimum configuration requirements: Edge, Firefox or Chrome browser. Screen resolution 1280 x 1080 or higher.

Here is an example:

Cost per 1 learner (if you buy a Silver membership of 15) = £39.66 per learner

If a learner spends 30mins x 5 times a week for 12 months each = 120 hours tuition for £39.66 per learner (total hours tuition available exceeds this)
It's also fully customised to suit your learner! How much would it cost a member of staff to provide this much tuition?
In addition to this you receive an EAL support programme, demo student for whole group teaching, monitoring of progress reports and flashcards to support every lesson.

Annual memberships:

Up to 5 learners
Up to 15 learners
Up to 25 learners
Over 25 learners
*Up to 250 learners, for more than 250 please contact us for more information

Please note: An annual membership allows your teachers and learners 24/7 access to Learning Village.

Multi year discounted licences are also available, please contact us for further information.

Groups of schools buying together can claim a discount, please contact us for more information.

For an invoice or to order with more payment options please contact us directly.

* exclusive of VAT