A fun activity to introduce new arrivals or to start the school year. It can be used throughout the year to scaffold learning.
An EAL Welcome Book which can be customised to suit your and your learner's needs and circumstances.
A set of printable empathy cards with various reflection questions about language learning and transitional experiences. Works well for learners to get to know each other at the start of the school year, to reflect about experiences or to celebrate international mother tongue day.
An English Language Learning Diary with blank pages to add in your own topics.
A great little template to guide a new arrival and their mentor through the first few weeks in a new environment.

A useful resource to use with your new arrivals to talk about their first day at a new school. Includes speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.

Ideas for parents who are supporting a child attending a new school.
A useful template to complete a school language profile.

A practical list of strategies to help foster equality in your classroom.

This questionnaire can be given to students before their transition to their new school or can be used by teachers in a first meeting interview. There are also activity ideas for the old and new school to make transitioning easier.
A resource containing useful suggestions and links to articles and resources for welcoming and supporting Ukrainian learners.