Community Village

An initial Maths assessment for EAL pupils to identify gaps in learning.
Instructions and examples for remote games to engage learners during remote lessons.
A reading comprehension resource about rainforests, including flashcards, gap fills and more.
This resource includes substitution tables and flashcards on the EURO 2020 football league that is going to start on 11th June 2021. Teach your learners about player positions and participating countries with our flashcards, and let them express their views on who will win using our simple and expanded sentence creators.
A scheme of work for providing new-to-English learners with survival language and curriculum content.
Scaffolded flashcards to lead learners in steps from speaking and listening to writing. Topic: Plant and animal cells
Flashcards and substitution tables for learning vocabulary and structures related to healthy eating.
Instructions and resources for a collaborative role-play activity with EAL learners in class.
A home-learning minibeasts project for primary pupils.
An EAL Wellbeing Resource that introduces EAL learners to the vocabulary and language structures they need to understand and talk about their feelings, and importantly, to access support. It covers simple mental health vocabulary and communication techniques.
A collaborative, group-focused, role-play activity for learning subject-specific vocabulary.
This resource includes a holiday learning pack which will give older pupils fun, collaborative and sociable ways of continuing to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing during the holiday period.
An image-based vocabulary booklet for teaching some key maths vocabulary.
An English Language Learning Diary with blank pages to add in your own topics.
A resource containing useful suggestions and links to articles and resources for welcoming and supporting Ukrainian learners.
Vocabulary for hygiene, infection and cleanliness, using an instructional genre.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about Queen Elizabeth II.
Text-based deconstruction and reconstruction activities for learners. Topic: Hygiene.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.
Questions and substitution tables to prepare learners for Science lessons.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about King Charles III.
EAL learning record to track the strategic use of flashcards.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about the coronation process.
A planning template for a CLIL (content and language integrated learning) lesson with an example on how it can be used.
A resource all about Mary Seacole, the Jamaican Florence Nightingale. Includes flashcards, an early literacy activity and reading comprehension and fluency activities.
Practical strategies to help you to promote the use of mother tongue in your classroom.
Examples about how to consider elements of EAL pedagogy when planning lessons for the topic of ‘online English’, including vocabulary and language structure flashcards.