Community Village

An initial Maths assessment for EAL pupils to identify gaps in learning.
Text-based deconstruction and reconstruction activities for learners. Topic: Hygiene.
Survival language helpers designed for secondary learners that help them understand the language of making friends and classroom instructions.
Questions and substitution tables to prepare learners for Science lessons.
This resource includes a holiday learning pack which will give older pupils fun, collaborative and sociable ways of continuing to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing during the holiday period.
Practical strategies to help you to promote the use of mother tongue in your classroom.
A scheme of work for providing new-to-English learners with survival language and curriculum content.
A learner resource making use of simple vocabulary and language structures to tell an engaging story of two penguins and their new friend. Linked activities focus on the vocabulary of ‘feelings’ to explore the story and expand the learner’s knowledge of sentence structures. There are beginner, intermediate, advanced and extension activities, along with a full flashcard set.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about Queen Elizabeth II.
Learners will use language structures based around the language of self-assessment. The learner will be introduced to a sliding scale of vocabulary to communicate how much of the lesson or part of the lesson they understood.
Examples about how to consider elements of EAL pedagogy when planning lessons for the topic of ‘online English’, including vocabulary and language structure flashcards.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.
Flashcards and substitution tables for learning vocabulary and structures related to healthy eating.
A simple marking code for marking the work of lower-ability groups of EAL learners, which both you and your learners can quickly understand.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about King Charles III.
This game introduces children, in a fun way, to a variety of languages.
Instructions and examples for remote games to engage learners during remote lessons.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about the coronation process.
A home-learning minibeasts project for primary pupils.