Community Village

Alongside our hub schools, many other schools have taken part in the development of the Learning Village through assessing the impact on learners, piloting various features and collaborating on requirements. The following documents provides some useful insights on the impact of the Learning Village on member schools.

The Learning Village team would like to thank all the hub schools for their ongoing efforts and contribution to the growing community of Learning Village schools.


Teach Primary Awards 2023

Although primarily designed as a resource for learners using EAL, Learning Village is an inclusive, engaging tool for all learners, including those with SEND. The resource is fun, vibrant and engaging, with sound pedagogical foundation and a focus on learning through use of images and dual coding. The programme is intuitive in functionality, and assessments allow learning to suit the individual learner – thereby promoting independence and confidence. There is also the option to adapt the resource, including the ability to remove some of the sensory input if needed.

EAL Coordinator

EAL Coordinator, Rush Green Primary School

The children are really enjoying the use of the Learning Village and have told me that they believe it has helped them with their confidence and language gathering. Teachers have also reported that they have seen progress in the children's confidence and understanding.

Miriam Mocker

EAL Lead and Year 3 & 4 Class Teacher, The Lubavitch MAT

I am thrilled to share that both our students and teachers have wholeheartedly embraced this new tool. The Learning Village platform has proven to be engaging and effective, creating an enjoyable learning experience for all involved. Its impact on our educational endeavours has been remarkable, and we couldn't be happier with the results thus far.

Jatinder Lambert

Tenby Penang School, Malaysia

I would like to reiterate what everyone has said. This course has been absolutely amazing and is so comprehensive. It has given us a lot of food for thought, and I'm really excited to get started on improving our whole process with EAL provision. Thank you to the team and the facilitators, amazing knowledge, fantastic, I really, really enjoyed it.

Deena Shihadah

TA, Walton-le-Dale High School

It was a very fascinating and useful course that has multiple amazing ways to help engage EAL students through a variety of ways and also with a format that makes it fun for the students to learn. The course was really well set out, everything was broken down in a way that could be easily followed and all questions asked were answered quickly and very well!

Keely Walker

Teacher and EAL Lead, Heronsgate Primary

Brilliant resources that are quick and easy to use but provide high quality, effective resources.

Jo Bridges

Headteacher, Widney Junior School

Having been a SENCO and now Headteacher, I can honestly say that this is the best resource for EAL learners I have come across. Having taken part in a range of online training in the past 2 years, this was excellent. Lots of information given and very interactive. Presenters were extremely professional and clearly had a lot of knowledge they were able to impart effectively.

Katie Eastwood

Teacher and EAL Coordinator, St Botolph's Primary School

The resources will really help all members of staff at school.

Jess Doyle

Class teacher and EAL Leads, Wellington Lions Primary Academy

I found this training very informative. It allowed me to explore all of the sections of the site which would be beneficial to the children in my school. It also gave me an insight into all the different resources that can be used when supporting language learning.

Jazmine Clark

TA, Edith Cavell Primary School

Thank you so much for providing me with so much information and knowledge on how to use this as an effective learning tool.