Technical FAQ

What ports does the Learning Village use?

The Learning Village uses the standard HTTP and HTTPS ports (80 and 443).

For the Learning Village to work correctly, also make sure that the following domains and subdomains are unblocked:

What browser settings are best for the Learning Village?

Please ensure the browser zoom level is always set to 100% when using the Learning Village.

Browsers allow you to change the zoom level usually under the 'View' menu. For Chrome (in Windows), it is available straight from the main menu:

What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum screen resolution for the Learning Village is 1280 by 1024.

The Learning Village works best when using Google Chrome v21 (and above), Mozilla Firefox v21 (and above) or Microsoft Edge.  It will work on other browsers also, but not optimally.

The Learning Village learner experience is a webapp. That means we are not available in the AppStore but the learner experience behaves like an app.

The Learning Village Student Area is iPad friendly. Please make sure you are running up-to-date software (IOS11 and above). Older versions do not support recording due to a restriction imposed by Apple. 

The Learning Village takes a long time to load...

When learners log in they may see one of two notification messages:

  • "The Learning Village appears to be taking a long time to load..."
  • "There was a error loading the Learning Village..."

Both of these messages are related and, in our experience, can be due to a poor or busy Internet connection at your school. This manifests itself by showing a 'The Learning Village appears to be taking a long time to load...' message (1), or 'There was an error loading the Learning Village...' message (2). When multiple learners log in at the same time, your school's Internet connection can be put under undue pressure. To help we are able to limit the number of learners logging in simultaneously so that a 'cooling off' period is applied forcing learners to wait till a free 'slot' is available before being able to access the Learning Village (typically this is only 30 seconds).

Please contact us to activate this feature for your particular school.

The 'There was an error loading the Learning Village...' message might also show if your school is blocking an external library that the Learning Village depends on.

The Learning Village runs slow for my learners...

The Learning Village should run smoothly on almost all laptops, PCs, Chromebooks, tablets etc. However, for some very specific configurations, the learner experience may seem sluggish or choppy. This may be due to lack of hardware-optimisation HTML5 support.

In these rare situations, we've added an option to disable a lot of the map animations that may be the cause of the sluggishness. This can be found in your Profile, accessed via the top menu under 'My account':

Once this option is enabled, a lot of the map animations will be disabled for ALL of your learners. This may help to resolve the slugishness.

How do I test my microphone?

  1. Go to (on Chrome or Firefox):
  2. When prompted choose to 'allow use of the microphone'

  3. Press the Start button (once the page has loaded)
  4. Press the red record button
  5. Say a few words
  6. Check your recording by pressing the blue play button

You may see an error message at various stages when following the instructions above - should help you to determine if your microphone is working.

What languages are supported when translating?

We use the 'Home language' you assign to a learner during enrollment to determine which language to translate to when a learner logs in. To modify the language, from the menu choose Learners->Existing, then press 'edit' for the learner you wish to update.

We support both Google and Microsoft Translate - you can configure which to use from your profile - from the menu choose My account->Profile.

Google Translate languages supported.
Microsoft Translate languages supported.