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New to English can be supported in many different ways. Here's one school's approach:


All learning is based on assessment. Children arrive and sit a baseline assessment. After analysis of result children are provided with appropriate provision. Interim progress reports on progression in EAL, phonics and writing are reviewed every half term.


Beginner EAL Learning Intervention (EAL Intervention)

They follow ‘Teaching English an An Additional Language 5-11: A Whole School Resource’ which offers survival language intervention for the early days. This replaces the in class Literacy lesson for a short period until children are able to access the next two steps. Progression in English for beginners is reassessed every half term to check on progress.


Intermediate new arrivals curriculum language support (out of class)

This support provides additional vocabulary and language structure support for those children attending differentiated Literacy in class.

EAL differentiated  curriculum support (in class)

Working closely with an EAL teacher to provide language learning differentiation  for intermediate learners.


All new arrivals are assessed for phonics and provided with differentiated out of class lessons. Reading (with phonic based readers) is part of this. Progression in phonics is reassessed every half term to check on progress.

One to one support:

Where specific EAL needs are identified (for example, after a big write) the EAL teacher will work one to one with children to support their progress with these needs.

Staff Training

Staff training is provided for all staff in integrating language learning objectives alongside curriculum objectives to support all levels of EAL learner in class.

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You're the EAL lead in your school - or a teacher with responsibility for EAL. You're a class teacher who's been asked to look into EAL - or a teaching assistant who runs a special EAL group. But do your colleagues really know what you do? Do they know what EAL is - and why it matters for all staff in a school, and not just you?

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There is a plethora of things to consider when piloting a new learning resource or scheme of work, so having a tried and tested framework for testing is helpful. At Lea Forest Academy we follow our piloting framework which was adapted from Edtech (2015), Pilot Framework.

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Learners with speech and language difficulties may find it difficult to order and sequence their ideas with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Tip or Idea: Ask your learner to tell you about something funny or exciting that they have done. Real life experiences may make it easier for them to describe.

Learning Village resource: Use the Adventure story dilemma flashcards and have fun making up a story together! You can add additional flashcards for settings and characters too!