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Academia Británica Cuscatleca (ABC) in El Salvador joined the Learning Village in April 2015.  However, they weren't fully active across Upper Primary until Communication Across Cultures came to their school in February this year to give an inset on EAL. 

Since then, they have used the Learning Village to support learners with accessing some of the basics of English as well as the curriculum content needed to help them to be successful in their lessons.

Although we can't put names to these results, you can see a snapshot of the top learner's progress over the last 30 days, here:

The Head of Village and EAL Coordinator at ABC, Jonathan Marquez, works in small groups with his learners to pre-teach and gap fill the necessary English language required for learners based on what is currently happening or about to happen in the curriculum and the weekly learner progress report he receives from the Learning village.

Jonathan says, "Students at the ABC are really enjoying Learning Village. They are benefiting so much from all the lessons available and the fact that they can do it at their own pace and leisure. They love the display of the map, making friends, receiving gifts and that they can challenge their mates to lessons. We see the knowledge they have gain have an affect in their learning. When I go in to classes, students call out to the teacher and ask if they can come with me to do Learning Village. It's a pleasing sight!"

ABC is fast approaching the top scores on the Learning Village leaderboard!

Thanks for sharing these photos ABC and keep up the good work!

With thanks to Academia Británica Cuscatleca the children and their parents for providing permission to publish these photos.

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