Community Village

A list of questions for a bilingual support partner to use when supporting families.
A template for reflection on the quality of your provision and next steps.
Ideas for parents who are supporting a child attending a new school.
An ideas checklist of tried and tested ways to motivate your learners.
A guide for teachers and assisting adults to achieve effective EAL support in the classroom.
Essentials on how to create a language learning environment in your classroom.
A chart to record learner behaviours and their frequency.
A useful checklist for before and during your parents' meetings.
Plan collaboratively with your subject-specific colleagues to gain overviews and multi-subject links.
A quick professional development activity that can be completed with your colleagues, overing three common text types. It asks teachers to match a text type to the function of the text type, and gives an example of that text type and its language features.
Examples about how to consider elements of EAL pedagogy when planning lessons for the topic of ‘online English’, including vocabulary and language structure flashcards.