Community Village

A template for reflection on the quality of your provision and next steps.
A simple marking code for marking the work of lower-ability groups of EAL learners, which both you and your learners can quickly understand.
A printable behaviour for learning chart with space for translation.
A members-only printable resource about Easter traditions that includes resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Scaffolded flashcards to lead learners in steps from speaking and listening to writing. Topic: Classroom instructions
Instructions and examples for remote games to engage learners during remote lessons.
A graphic organiser template for a report text that can be used in a number of different ways.
A printable resource about April Fool's Day and fictional news stories that includes resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Vocabulary for hygiene, infection and cleanliness, using an instructional genre.
Text-based deconstruction and reconstruction activities for learners. Topic: Hygiene.
A reading comprehension resource about rainforests, including flashcards, gap fills and more.
A useful tool to act as a prompt for your learners as they seek out books to ignite their passion for reading.
A fun bingo game to challenge your class over the summer - who can complete all the activities on the card?
A chart to record learner behaviours and their frequency.
This resource includes substitution tables and flashcards on the EURO 2020 football league that is going to start on 11th June 2021. Teach your learners about player positions and participating countries with our flashcards, and let them express their views on who will win using our simple and expanded sentence creators.
Scaffolded flashcards to teach learners about Queen Elizabeth II.
An incredible, in depth resource celebrating cultural diversity, with activities for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Printable flashcards for learning phonics tricky words.
Phonics tricky word assessment for phases 2 to 5.