A handy list of 10 ways you can engage your learners using a multimodal approach.
Essentials on how to create a language learning environment in your classroom.

A comprehensive guide to teaching your EAL learners vocabulary, with activities.

A planning template for a CLIL (content and language integrated learning) lesson with an example on how it can be used.
A useful proforma to record the progress of your EAL pupils.
A scheme of work for providing new-to-English learners with survival language and curriculum content.
A guide for teachers and assisting adults to achieve effective EAL support in the classroom.

A list of tips to help you create an inclusive classroom for your EAL learners.

An ideas checklist of tried and tested ways to motivate your learners.

A practical list of strategies to help foster equality in your classroom.

A useful tool to act as a prompt for your learners as they seek out books to ignite their passion for reading.
A checklist with top tips that you can use to engage EAL parents.
A checklist of top tips for supporting EAL learners in the mainstream classroom. Includes tips on oral language development, teaching vocabulary, error correction techniques, reading and writing.

A list of top tips to help you become a great EAL teacher.