Community Village

A list of questions for a bilingual support partner to use when supporting families.
A template for reflection on the quality of your provision and next steps.
Instructions and examples for remote games to engage learners during remote lessons.
This resource will provide exercises and activities to help your learners explore the causes of displacement, and celebrate the achievements of refugees throughout history.
Instructions and resources for a collaborative role-play activity with EAL learners in class.

A list of top tips to help you become a great EAL teacher.

A fun activity to introduce new arrivals or to start the school year. It can be used throughout the year to scaffold learning.

A useful set of downloadable templates to help your EAL learners.

A useful template to complete a school language profile.

A lovely resource which encourages your learners to explore an interesting image and create and discuss their own.

Key questions that parents can ask their children in their home language to aid learning.
A great little template to guide a new arrival and their mentor through the first few weeks in a new environment.

A list of tips to help you create an inclusive classroom for your EAL learners.

Ideas for parents who are supporting a child attending a new school.
A resource containing useful suggestions and links to articles and resources for welcoming and supporting Ukrainian learners.

A practical list of strategies to help foster equality in your classroom.

Learners will use language structures based around the language of self-assessment. The learner will be introduced to a sliding scale of vocabulary to communicate how much of the lesson or part of the lesson they understood.
A printable behaviour for learning chart with space for translation.

A list of tips to help you encourage your learners to enjoy and celebrate the natural world.

This game introduces children, in a fun way, to a variety of languages.