Community Village

A list of questions for a bilingual support partner to use when supporting families.
A template for reflection on the quality of your provision and next steps.
Instructions and examples for remote games to engage learners during remote lessons.
Instructions and resources for a collaborative role-play activity with EAL learners in class.
A fun activity to introduce new arrivals or to start the school year. It can be used throughout the year to scaffold learning.
A useful template to complete a school language profile.
Key questions that parents can ask their children in their home language to aid learning.
A useful template to guide a new arrival and their mentor through the first few weeks in a new environment.
Ideas for parents who are supporting a child attending a new school.
A resource containing useful suggestions and links to articles and resources for welcoming and supporting Ukrainian learners.
Learners will use language structures based around the language of self-assessment. The learner will be introduced to a sliding scale of vocabulary to communicate how much of the lesson or part of the lesson they understood.
A printable behaviour for learning chart with space for translation.
This game introduces children, in a fun way, to a variety of languages.
A resource all about Mary Seacole, the Jamaican Florence Nightingale. Includes flashcards, an early literacy activity and reading comprehension and fluency activities.
A home-learning minibeasts project for primary pupils.
A collaborative, group-focused, role-play activity for learning subject-specific vocabulary.
Let your learners build friendships with this snakes and ladders variation!
An English Language Learning Diary with blank pages to add in your own topics.
A chart to record learner behaviours and their frequency.
A useful checklist for before and during your parents' meetings.
Plan collaboratively with your subject-specific colleagues to gain overviews and multi-subject links.
EAL learning record to track the strategic use of flashcards.