English Proficiency Assessment (AssessEP) by Across Cultures

Do you require an assessment that helps you understand your EAL and multilingual learners’ starting points in their English language proficiency or their progress?

Across Cultures English Proficiency Assessment (AssessEP) is an easy assessment to administer suitable for learners aged 7+ through to adult.

It includes:

  • a short offline pre-test to determine a starting point for diagnostic assessment (5 mins)
  • a reading assessment (15 mins)
  • an offline unaided writing assessment (10 mins)

An overall proficiency grading will be issued for:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening

The assessment is suitable for 7+

Approximately aligned to CEFR levels (and other selected continua, including ELLP, BELL and NASSEA)

The English proficiency assessment can be used for:

  • Admissions testing
  • Summative English language proficiency performance indicator

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