Adults - Community Village 'The City'

6-12 'The Village'

11-16 'The Islands'



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Pricing does not include VAT, billed annually, minimum 12-month memberships

To upgrade your membership during your 12-month period, a new membership will be taken out for a further 12 months. The cost of the months not used on the original membership will be deducted off the new membership cost. Downgrades are not possible due to admin and training costs.

Please note: An annual membership allows your teachers and learners 24/7 access to the Learning/Community Village.

The Village/Islands only: Do you want us to teach your learners virtually for you? If you have over 50 learners, we can set up an English virtual school and teach through the Learning Village for you. Each learner will have access to an individual login for self-study and will receive lessons online (blended learning). Pricing is by learner per month. Please contact us for a discussion.

For an invoice or to order with more payment options please contact us directly.