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Survival language helpers (secondary)

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This resource includes a class language survey that can be used with your learners to gather information about the languages spoken in their class and how they are used with different people.
Scaffolded flashcards to lead learners in steps from speaking and listening to writing. Topic: Classroom instructions
A planning template for a CLIL (content and language integrated learning) lesson with an example on how it can be used.
Plan collaboratively with your subject-specific colleagues to gain overviews and multi-subject links.
Instructions and resources for a collaborative role-play activity with EAL learners in class.
Scaffolded flashcards to lead learners in steps from speaking and listening to writing. Topic: Conjunctions because and so
A simple marking code for marking the work of lower-ability groups of EAL learners, which both you and your learners can quickly understand.
A useful checklist of things you should and might consider when planning a writing assessment for your EAL learners.
A useful proforma to record the progress of your EAL pupils.
A scheme of work for providing new-to-English learners with survival language and curriculum content.
An EAL Welcome Book which can be customised to suit your and your learner's needs and circumstances.
An EAL Wellbeing Resource that introduces EAL learners to the vocabulary and language structures they need to understand and talk about their feelings, and importantly, to access support. It covers simple mental health vocabulary and communication techniques.
A members-only printable resource about Easter traditions that includes resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
A guide for teachers and assisting adults to achieve effective EAL support in the classroom.

A useful resource to use with your new arrivals to talk about local or national elections. Includes speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.

A set of printable empathy cards with various reflection questions about language learning and transitional experiences. Works well for learners to get to know each other at the start of the school year, to reflect about experiences or to celebrate international mother tongue day.
EAL learning record to track the strategic use of flashcards.
This resource includes substitution tables and flashcards on the EURO 2020 football league that is going to start on 11th June 2021. Teach your learners about player positions and participating countries with our flashcards, and let them express their views on who will win using our simple and expanded sentence creators.
Scaffolded flashcards to lead learners in steps from speaking and listening to writing. Topic: Feelings
Need some more EAL games? Find here a number of fun game activities for your EAL and multilingual learners.