Examples about how to consider elements of EAL pedagogy when planning lessons for the topic of ‘online English’, including vocabulary and language structure flashcards.
A table and template with four useful note-taking strategies.

A useful set of downloadable templates to help your EAL learners.

A resource with a model text and corresponding activities for your learners.
A quick professional development activity that can be completed with your colleagues, overing three common text types. It asks teachers to match a text type to the function of the text type, and gives an example of that text type and its language features.
A checklist with top tips that you can use to engage EAL parents.
A checklist of top tips for supporting EAL learners in the mainstream classroom. Includes tips on oral language development, teaching vocabulary, error correction techniques, reading and writing.

A list of top tips to help you become a great EAL teacher.

A sheet of topic ideas to inspire and enrich your parent workshops!
A resource containing useful suggestions and links to articles and resources for welcoming and supporting Ukrainian learners.