Community Village

This resource includes a class language survey that can be used with your learners to gather information about the languages spoken in their class and how they are used with different people.

A lovely resource which encourages your learners to explore an interesting image and create and discuss their own.

Vocabulary for hygiene, infection and cleanliness, using an instructional genre.
This resource includes an activity to hook your secondary school learners into a writing lesson, using a storyboard.

A useful resource to use with your new arrivals to talk about local or national elections. Includes speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.

Phonics tricky word assessment for phases 2 to 5.
Need some more EAL games? Find here a number of fun game activities for your EAL and multilingual learners.
A list of story-telling stages with suggested ideas to excite your learners.
A resource all about Christmas. Includes resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
List of games to help young learners practise speaking, listening, reading and writing.
A resource all about Christmas customs around the world. Includes resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Tricky word learning activities for younger learners (easily adapted for older learners).
A resource all about Water safety at home and in swimming pools. There are flashcard games and substitution tables ready to use, with extension activities in all areas. Text-based activities build on vocabulary and sentence structures to help your learners deconstruct and reconstruct an original text.
A wordlist of the first 2,000 high frequency words.
A set of printable empathy cards with various reflection questions about language learning and transitional experiences. Works well for learners to get to know each other at the start of the school year, to reflect about experiences or to celebrate international mother tongue day.
A series of question starters and responses for dialogic teaching that you might want to print off and refer to when planning lessons.
A resource all about seasons in the Northern hemisphere, and the months associated with them. Includes resources for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
A learner resource making use of simple vocabulary and language structures to tell an engaging story of two penguins and their new friend. Linked activities focus on the vocabulary of ‘feelings’ to explore the story and expand the learner’s knowledge of sentence structures. There are beginner, intermediate, advanced and extension activities, along with a full flashcard set.
A wonderful array of activity ideas to celebrate International Mother Language Day with your learners, by special guest author Mary Langford.