Community Village

Alongside our hub schools, many other schools have taken part in the development of the Learning Village through assessing the impact on learners, piloting various features and collaborating on requirements. The following documents provides some useful insights on the impact of the Learning Village on member schools.

The Learning Village team would like to thank all the hub schools for their ongoing efforts and contribution to the growing community of Learning Village schools.

Kasia Talbot

EAL Coach, Holly Lodge School

I have been using the new Plant and Animal Cells lesson with my Science Intervention groups and it’s great. It’s challenging but since we have already done the basic differences between the cells the lesson consolidates the students’ knowledge and works as an extension. Thank You!

Tammy Marsh

EAL Teacher, Amity International School, Abu Dhabi

I just wanted to say what a great time we are having with the Learning Village! It is such a fabulous resource!

Alistair Harding

EAL Coordinator, Holly Lodge High School

The Learning Village has provided our school with a very practical, individualised learning tool for EAL students, with a clear curriculum, structure and pedagogy. This allows both more and less experienced staff to effectively support students’ language development. There is a wealth of materials and resources available, as well as plenty of support and training to help optimise our use of the tool.

Jonathan Marquez

EAL Teacher, Academia Británica Cuscatleca International School, El Salvador

As a school, we are proud to be part of Learning Village and have seen the improvements the students are making in their EAL learning. We would recommend every school to be part of Learning Village as it is an essential tool that offers valuable resources not only for EAL learners but for all.

Catherine Brennan

Education Consultant, Better Bilingual

I'm loving the Learning Village - it is a fantastic resource and I keep finding new things too! My learners are so motivated by it and like the messaging facility.

Kamil Trzebiatowski

EAL Coordinator, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, Education Blogger

You're revolutionising my classroom and allowing me to make significant changes / improvements to the lives of these children.

Elizabeth Mickiewicz

EAL Teacher Advisor, Wolverhampton Local Authority

I understand the Village a lot more and how to link it to the curriculum.

Sudha Dogra

EAL Coordinator, Colton Hills Community School

This course will fill a gap in the provision we are able to provide to EAL learners at an early stage of English acquisition.

Stacy Allen

Lead of Nurture, Colton Hills Community School

Fantastic resources to support children within the classroom and teacher planning.

Sam Thorne

Hylands Primary School

The Learning Village is great. The children absolutely love it and I have to say I’ve been enjoying and learning as I go along. We had a Teaching and Learning Review at our school the other day and I used the Learning Village to demonstrate how we support our EAL pupils. [The consultants] seemed very impressed and actually spoke to the Local Authority Advisor about how well the Learning Village was being used at our school.