Community Village

Alongside our hub schools, many other schools have taken part in the development of the Learning Village through assessing the impact on learners, piloting various features and collaborating on requirements. The following documents provides some useful insights on the impact of the Learning Village on member schools.

The Learning Village team would like to thank all the hub schools for their ongoing efforts and contribution to the growing community of Learning Village schools.

Cindy Jones

EAL Teacher, Hartland International School

I really like the practical nature of the training. One can try and ask questions when you are stuck.

Lenka Bayman

EAL Coordinator, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

I have learnt about and tried some new, very useful tools. Lovely modelling, also lovely to be in breakout rooms and chat to EAL colleagues. Also very good idea to have afternoon tea. I love teaching EAL, but it can be isolated as there isn't anyone in the school to share it with.

Resham Kaur

TA, Atam Academy

In our school we have implemented many different models for the learning in different areas, i.e. reading, maths, writing spelling etc. We find that with Learning Village everything is incorporated within one place. Children will benefit from less login details to remember.

Olga Hopper

Assistant Headteacher, Ranelagh Primary School

Great training, love the extensive range of activities and extra resources available to learners and teachers, and how adaptable it is to different levels.

Fiona McCulloch

EAL Coordinator, St Edwards College Malta

An excellent resource, so many different tools that are practical and easy to use.

Emma Prophet

LSA, The Grove Primary School

Really enjoyed the course, learnt so much and can't wait to get started with our students.

Patricia, Ema's Mum


Learning Village is helping her by providing the vocabulary and grammar she needs... we sometimes work at home on the Learning Village. We use the book of progress, also, and she has made amazing progress.

Miranda Howell

Learning Village Virtual School Teacher

Using the Learning Village for teaching virtually is an effective way of engaging learners, even if they have minimum English language knowledge. In my experience with young children, they participate enthusiastically in the online games and are swift to learn new vocabulary, using a structured approach. The wide range of resources available provide lots of options. It is easy to set them consolidation homework and monitor their progress too. Having everything available on one platform makes for easy teaching and learning.

Pam Heath

Improvement Adviser School Improvement Team, Bedford Borough Council

I heard yesterday from one of the Bedford schools using the Learning Village. One of their staff was at an OFSTED reading/phonics session we were running. They were saying how keen their children were to use the resource, how it really helped as it was very visual and the very positive progress pupils are making as a result of using Learning Village.

OFSTED Inspection report

Tudor Primary

Tudor Primary use the Learning Village to support early, short-term interventions: "Early, short-term interventions for pupils new to learning English draw upon rich resources and strategies which immerse pupils in the language from the time they join the school." OFSTED Inspection report: Tudor Primary School, 6–7 March 2018 (case study to follow)