Stacy Allen

Lead of Nurture, Colton Hills Community School

Fantastic resources to support children within the classroom and teacher planning.

Sam Thorne

Hylands Primary School

The Learning Village is great. The children absolutely love it and I have to say I’ve been enjoying and learning as I go along. We had a Teaching and Learning Review at our school the other day and I used the Learning Village to demonstrate how we support our EAL pupils. [The consultants] seemed very impressed and actually spoke to the Local Authority Advisor about how well the Learning Village was being used at our school.

Roxbourne Primary School

Our pupils have really benefited from their work on the Learning Village! Well done children, keep up the great work!

Michelle Wain

EMA Adviser, London Borough of Havering

The Learning Village materials are of an excellent quality with clear language progression. The programme works very well as a teaching tool.

Vicki Wilson

Year 2 EAL teacher and EAL Team Leader, YCIS HK Primary.

I really liked the sentence activities, it really stretched my students and I saw a marked improvement. Overall I love the concept of the Learning Village- making friends highly motivated my  students and they loved exploring the village. The graphics are wonderful.

Shirley Rowe

Head of Department, ESOL, New Plymouth Boys High, New Zealand

A student arriving from overseas being 18 years old and having limited oral skills and no reading or writing. He really felt pleased being able to use the Learning Village for self-study,  without feeling conscious in front of the others in the class.

Sam Mobbs

Class Teacher, Oasis Watermead Academy, UK

The Learning Village has proved to be a good intervention programme for our EAL children and SEN. The children are very enthusiastic about using it, and are becoming more independent. We use it as an intervention throughout assembly in the morning and in some afternoons, when some of the learning is irrelevant to them and they would benefit from that more. It is clear that the children are making progress...

Laura Haines

EAL Coordinator, International School of Milan, Italy

I see the children relaxed and happy when they are on the Learning Village. I can see that they are proud of their progress and feel a sense of achievement which they can share with others. I think that there are a lot of good EAL ‘games’ available but this is a comprehensive programme that can be integrated into any curriculum.

Ellen Copsey

Assistant Head Teacher, Willow Bank Primary, UK

A really fantastic resource. We can't wait to start using it with our pupils.

Keith Shurlock

Principal, Grace International School, Bangladesh

It is a delight to see a resource that has grown out of good practice in schools.