EAL Teaching through the Learning Village' - Implementation course

Next course: 17th January 2019 (London)

Wood End Academy, Vernon Rise, Greenford, UB6 0EQ

This 1-day course provides targeted online and offline EAL learning for 6-14 year old English language learners in schools where English is the language of instruction.

  • Have you ever had training in planning for EAL learners?
  • Do you have a systematic way to assess your EAL Learners?
  • Do you know exactly what your EAL learners need?
  • Do you help your learners to be better language learners?
  • Can you provide more support for transitioning learners into the mainstream?

Course Details:

This 1-day course trains School Leaders, Class Teachers, EAL Teachers or Teaching Assistants to provide effective EAL support for EAL learners in their school.

The course guides you through assessment, planning and the delivering of finely tuned, time-limited EAL lessons for new arrivals and intermediate learners with gaps in their understanding of vocabulary and grammar structures.

Course structure:

  • Survival language for the first few days
  • Assessing children with EAL
  • Using a second language writing system
  • Effective teaching and learning for children with EAL
  • Planning and using survival language intervention
  • Using effective language learning strategies
  • Learning about resources for supporting EAL teachers
  • Reflection

Free with this course:

Learning Village handbook to then take away to use in your school immediately - all particpants.

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