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Eli is involved in content development, training and demonstrations for schools in the Australasia region. He is a registered secondary teacher with over 15 years' experience teaching English in Japan, Australia, Brunei and New Zealand. He has also worked with educators as a literacy coach and an education project manager. He has a keen interest in extensive reading and producing graded reading material. Eli has a Master of Applied Linguistics and a Cambridge Delta, and lives in Nelson, New Zealand.

Articles from this author

Teacher talking about bullying
Author: Eli Briasco, EAL Specialist
Created: Tue 15th Nov 2022

When I was teaching early literacy to adults some years ago, I had two teenage students from a refugee background join one of my classes. They were beginner-level English as an Additional language (EAL) learners and both were non-literate. They had been expelled from the local high school for fighting. At the time, there was a national fundraising campaign to support children in troubled parts of the world.

Teacher giving corrective feedback
Author: Eli Briasco, EAL specialist
Created: Sat 29th Oct 2022

Chances are, if you’ve been teaching English for a while, you’ve provided plenty of feedback to your learners on the accuracy of their writing. Prior to undertaking action research on this practice, it was evident from my observations of colleagues that there were multiple approaches and attitudes towards written corrective feedback.

Dialogic teaching
Author: Eli Briasco, EAL specialist
Created: Sun 8th Nov 2020

Think about the last lesson you taught to English language learners. I’m sure you did some form of planning beforehand. I imagine you probably asked several questions throughout the lesson as well. After all, the foundation of effective teaching is interaction with learners. However, did you think about the questions you were going to ask when you were planning? Did you write down any key questions?