1. We have released a Remote Learning booklet to support schools who are working online.
  2. We have created a support document for parents on using the Learning Village at home.
  3. We have also created a document for learners on how to use the Learning Village at home.
  4. We have created an EAL Scaffolding resource on Hygiene. This supports schools in teaching learners about washing their hands and other ways to limit the spread of infection. This can be given out as a parent resource. If there is someone at home to guide learners then you make wish to send parts of the EAL Scaffolding Resources home for learners to use. Here are some basic instructions. See all the EAL Scaffolding Resources here.
  5. We are offering a short-term purchase of ‘special circumstances’ upgrades for members who have more than 6 months left on their membership. New members have the option to purchase a 6-month ‘special circumstances’ membership.
  6. In light of school closures, we are offering training in how to use the Learning Village remotely. Contact us here to access training.

The Learning Village staff will be operating as usual during this period. We are available to provide training, answer questions and suggest further ways of supporting your most vulnerable learners as well as continuing to think creatively about how we can support you and learners further.

Contact us here.