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Kia ora from Learning Village New Zealand

Learning Village New Zealand is supported by New Zealand based trainers with a wealth of experience in language learning across the curriculum and in delivering Learning Village support in the New Zealand context.

Training is carefully tailored to the needs of each school so that the Learning Village blended learning resources are used effectively with both experienced ESOL practitioners and/or subject teachers and, teacher aides of any ESOL skill level.

To find out more about Learning Village New Zealand, mail us on or sign up for an initial conversation.

More about the Learning Village

The Learning Village is an image-based English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for learners in English-medium schools. It follows a blended approach, with a comprehensive online programme supported by offline, teacher-directed learning. Suitable for learners of any language background, it is also ideal for learners who are not yet literate. The programme is divided into two parts: The Village, for learners aged 6 to 14 years, and The Islands, for learners aged 11 to 18 years.

The Village and The Islands include:

  • 10,000+ words and phrases, for speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • image-based learning, to assist learners who are unable to read in their mother tongue
  • excellent support for Special Educational Needs learners
  • techniques to help learners support themselves
  • support for blended learning and for self-study

The Village and The Islands adopt a blended approach: the comprehensive online programme is supported by offline, teacher-directed learning and resources.

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New Zealand School Scoreboard

Top schools for: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Mahurangi College7656141,701
New Plymouth Boys High765273,790
Albany Junior High School843864,850
McAuley High School937225,629
Kaipara College857124,320
McAuley High School9372192,947
St Peter's College, Auckland9781137,609
New Plymouth Boys High7652103,556
Wellington High School1336619,600
Pukekohe High School1270510,932
New Plymouth Boys High7652512,740
St Peter's College, Auckland9781292,160
McAuley High School9372175,681
Otago Boys' High School1717230,335
New Plymouth Boys High7652260,956
Fairfield College25167202,044
St Peter's College, Auckland9781173,854
Kelburn Normal School2447484,350
Mt Aspiring College2839437,686
Evans Bay Intermediate34174868,273
Devon Intermediate31573725,823
Hobsonvillepoint Secondary School20666671,597
Lakeview School33233642,154
Melville Intermediate33737559,990
Ormiston Primary314171,550,082
New Plymouth Boys High76521,159,496
The Gardens School 335781,051,931
Karori West Normal School 38991828,375
Levin Intermediate45005766,780

Learning Village Virtual School595164,248,271
Ormiston Primary314172,436,385
New Plymouth Boys High76522,218,235
Brandon Intermediate 342511,549,068
The Gardens School 335781,297,096
Paraparaumu College29360130,503
Hobsonvillepoint Secondary School2066670,361
Evans Bay Intermediate3417464,463
Longburn Adventist College3083560,166
Levin Intermediate4500555,929
Learning Village Virtual School59516202,332
Brandon Intermediate 3425143,711
Whananaki School6605525,230
Ormiston Primary3141718,899
Murrays Bay Primary5366114,423
Somerville House4527314,149
Learning Village Virtual School595164,129
Whananaki School660552,523
Otumoetai Intermediate532552,092
Rototuna Senior High School509011,872

Annual competition 2022:

Learning Village Virtual School59516400,617
Brandon Intermediate 34251186,952
Ormiston Primary3141792,968
Waiuku Primary School3124851,001
Gisborne Intermediate3235046,461
Learning Village Virtual School595165,891
Nelson Christian Academy539925,637
Brandon Intermediate 342514,793
Waiuku Primary School312484,250
Rototuna Senior High School509014,203
Learning Village Virtual School5951603:47:43
Brandon Intermediate 3425102:25:37
Whangarei Boys High School5807702:23:02
Whananaki School6605502:18:38
Waiuku Primary School3124802:09:39
mah*** (Learning Village Virtual School)5951633,029
fat****** (Learning Village Virtual School)5951627,936
mur****** (Learning Village Virtual School)5951622,085
zah***** (Learning Village Virtual School)5951619,646
mha******* (Learning Village Virtual School)5951619,629

Upcoming events

Wednesday, 6th July 2022


An informal live chat with Learning Village staff and members, with a special guest!

Thursday, 7th July 2022

Virtual course (entirely online)

A one-day course providing comprehensive support in implementing EAL support using the Learning Village in your school.

Topical resources

24th June - Matariki
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