Welcome to Learning Village Australia

Learning Village Australia is supported by trainers with a wealth of experience in language learning across the curriculum and in delivering Learning Village support in the Australian context.

Training is carefully tailored to the needs of each school so that the Learning Village blended learning resources can be used effectively with both experienced and less experienced EAL/D educators.

To find out more about Learning Village Australia, mail us at admin@axcultures.com or sign up for an initial conversation.

More about the Learning Village

The Learning Village is an image-based English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for learners in English-medium schools. It follows a blended approach, with a comprehensive online programme supported by offline, teacher-directed learning. Suitable for learners of any language background, it is also ideal for learners who are not yet literate. The programme is divided into two parts: The Village, for learners aged 6 to 12 years, and The Islands, for learners aged 12 to 16 years.

The Village and The Islands include:

  • 20,000+ words and phrases, for speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • image-based learning, to assist learners who are unable to read in their mother tongue
  • excellent support for Special Educational Needs learners
  • techniques to help learners support themselves
  • support for blended learning and for self-study

The Village and The Islands adopt a blended approach: the comprehensive online programme is supported by offline, teacher-directed learning and resources.

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School scoreboards:

Top schools for: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Tudor Primary60121,918,796
Buxton School4081814,289
Wood End Academy1553718,040
Groningse Schoolvereniging2814702,439
ISL (Luxembourg)5144674,294
Academia Británica Cuscatleca51623,144,582
Tudor Primary60121,898,850
Levenshulme high school87281,345,391
Groningse Schoolvereniging28141,322,363
The British School58501,264,433
Academia Británica Cuscatleca51624,333,203
The Royal School Wolverhamptonn150662,586,058
Tudor Primary60122,412,154
The British School58502,094,494
Tudor Primary60123,412,121
The British School Warsaw211422,058,529
The British School58501,703,296
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon87261,333,840
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon87265,378,330
IPS Almere260042,298,532
Tudor Primary60121,729,126
The British School58501,572,999
The British School Warsaw211421,394,599
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon87262,961,579
The British School of Guangzhou53502,807,815
Ormiston Primary School314171,550,082
Shortstown Primary School286391,371,314
The British School Warsaw211421,279,510
The British School of Guangzhou53506,058,448
Learning Village Virtual School595164,487,542
British School Salalah460702,164,455
The Forest Academy120281,692,455
The British School of Guangzhou53507,808,296
Tenby Setia Eco Park740663,252,146
The British School Warsaw211422,748,752
Colegio La Colina741362,523,187
The British School58502,154,033

The British School of Guangzhou535020,122,755
The British School585012,924,034
Tudor Primary601212,397,290
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hendon872612,307,791
The British School Warsaw2114211,514,148
St James CofE Junior School70394355,892
Holsworthy Community College29506248,785
Paraparaumu College29360130,503
Eontae You8181694,340
Ashburton Intermediate68510439,902
Blackpool Gateway Academy 91187138,389
Australian International School Malaysia96476129,199
Alec Reed Academy 4358491,130
New Plymouth Boys High School765285,749
Ashburton Intermediate6851017,596
Queen Elizabeth School1064789,039
Baylis Court School607847,843
British School of Milan64956,888
St Thomas Cantilupe 660426,259

Annual competition 2024 (10th-23rd June):

Ashburton Intermediate68510381,941
Australian International School Malaysia96476123,963
Blackpool Gateway Academy 9118795,788
Rototuna Primary School10065371,070
Alec Reed Academy 4358468,279
Ashburton Intermediate6851014,690
Baylis Court School607846,453
Queen Elizabeth School1064785,866
Prenton High School29075,265
Montgomery Academy971094,881
Ashburton Intermediate6851006:30:46
Queen Elizabeth School10647804:56:32
Baylis Court School6078404:51:52
Te Ao Marama School3462402:26:23
Hillview International School8561602:20:32
Eve****** (Ashburton Intermediate)6851080,000
Shr*********** (Ashburton Intermediate)6851067,362
Sik*** (Ashburton Intermediate)6851060,022
Jen*** (Ashburton Intermediate)6851037,484
Gab********* (Ashburton Intermediate)6851026,148

Upcoming events

Friday 21st June 2024

Whole-day in-person or virtual course (NZ time zone)

A one-day course providing comprehensive support in implementing EAL support using the Learning Village in your school.

Wednesday 31st July 2024, 4pm NZ time

Live webinar

A live webinar providing an introduction to the Learning Village and how to teach with it.

Thursday 1st August 2024, 4pm NZ time

Live webinar

A live webinar providing an introduction to the Community Village and how to incorporate it into your school or community context.

Thursday 8th August 2024, 4pm NZ time


A members-only webinar all about creating your own resources.

Wednesday 14th August 2024, 4pm NZ time


An informal live chat with Learning Village staff and members!

Wednesday 21st August 2024, 4pm NZ time

Live webinar

A live webinar on the topic: Supporting English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom

Thursday 19th September 2024, 4pm NZ time

Complimentary training

A live webinar about how to complete the end of year assessments.

Wednesday 6th November 2024 4pm NZ time


A fun webinar about engaging your learners at the end of term.

Wednesday 13th November 2024, 4pm NZ time


An informal live chat with Learning Village staff and members!

Topical resources