Introduction to the Learning Village - live webinar

Next webinar: Wednesday 21st November 2018

This 45 minute webinar acts as an introduction to the Learning Village, and is suitable for those who are new to the Learning Village and potential members.

Technical requirements

In order to access this webinar you will need to ensure that you have whitelisted (unblocked) the following domains:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • * (for accessing recordings)

You will also need to have headphones/speakers and a microphone (microphones are usually built into laptops). Your normal Learning Village headset with a microphone attachment should work well. Note that is is a also a number you can call to join the webinar if you don't have access to headphones/speakers and a microphone .

We advise that we connect with your IT person before the webinar to test the set up. Please contact us to get this arranged.

All registered and potential members
Free to attend 45 minute webinar

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16.00 GMT