Community Village

Blended EAL vocabulary, language structure and reading programme for learners new to English, or with low level literacy.

Next course: Thursday, 18th May 2023

Virtual course

This one-day virtual course explores the assessment, planning and delivery of EAL lessons for new arrivals and intermediate learners, using the Learning Village, focussed around the teaching of reading. It is designed for senior leaders, EAL teachers and teaching assistants, and it is suitable for complete beginners to the Learning Village.

All our courses are heavily interactive, following a system of modelling (with interaction) and collaborative group activities. We achieve this through using special supported breakout rooms, as well as by collaborating on shared drives during the day. As a result of our collaborative approach, we aim to develop a sense of community with the other participants wherever you are located.

All courses have sufficient breaks built into the day to ensure you get time to digest information and make yourself a coffee, lunch or snack.

If you need technical support, there will be a registration period of an hour where participants can learn more about their online environment and how to engage with it. Please note that there will be a special room dedicated to those needing a little extra IT support.

To book your place, please email or call us on 01183 350 035.

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