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Progression in Language Structures is a great document for identfying how content learning can be built on language structures.  Language structures are presented in sentence starters for different text types, for example, the language of explanations and how it it can be structured from foundation stage through to Year 6. It can be used to support EAL learners in constructing sentences to fulfil content learning objectives.

"Schools in Tower Hamlets that have been using this document to plan for children’s academic language development alongside the content of the curriculum, comment on how pupils gain confidence and use academic language in context, making accelerated progress towards, and exceeding national expectations."

The contact for obtaining this document is Tilly Nimako at . Its £13.99  (excluding VAT) .

Further learning - Blog

Created: Mon 24th Feb 2014

Helping our students to be better language learners

How can the new to English language learners and their teachers work together to provide a successful language learning experience when curriculum content is the priority?

Rubin & Thompson (1982) researched and found 14 characteristics of a good language learner.

Graph and problem-solving activity
Created: Wed 4th Mar 2020

It is often easier for learners who are new to English to cope with the arithmetic areas of the mathematics curriculum, rather than with problem-solving activities, as the former require the use of less English. It is important that children learning EAL are familiar with and able to use mathematical language to achieve their potential in all areas of the subject.

Created: Wed 12th Feb 2014

A few useful tips on supporting  new arrivals, note the induction and the need for both withdrawal and in class learning.