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Are your new arrivals now intermediate language learners?

The last two Communication Across Cultures books focused on the beginners language learning needs in vocabulary and grammar (presented in language structures). The new draft intermediate language learning structures that precede the beginner's has been launched this week! If your new arrivals have completed 'Teaching children English as an Additional Language: A programme for 7-11 year olds' or 'Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11: A Whole School Resource' yet need a little more support, you can now access our intermediate cross curricular planner (for language structures) by requesting them on e-mail at

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Assessment on computer screen
Created: Wed 7th Oct 2020

Assessment in an EAL context takes many forms. It can be formal (e.g. tests and examinations), informal (e.g. teacher observations) or learner self-assessment.

Created: Thu 7th Dec 2017

Truly inclusive practice extends beyond adapting materials or managing the classroom so that everybody can access the course content. It is about building a classroom culture where everybody genuinely respects and supports each other, and embraces the diversity inherent in our communities. This is more easily achieved if the members of the group understand themselves well, and what makes them different from each other.