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What is the Across Cultures EAL Framework?

The EAL framework course is part of a number of resources offered by Across Cultures alongside the Learning Village. Formerly EAL ‘Train the Trainer’, this 3-day course provides a key person in your school with training and resources for developing a flexible whole school framework for supporting EAL development. Designed to develop good practice, create consistency across the school and provide flexible resources to support differentiation. This course is a 3-day preparation training the participant to deliver a flexible and optional 12-hour course in their school.

Resources include:

This course includes Across Cultures EAL resources: enhanced admissions templates, assessment templates, complete induction-to-English with resources (Teaching Additional Language 5-11: A Whole School Resource File by Caroline Scott, Author & Trainer), class teaching guidelines, suggested in-class methodology and associated language learning strategies, family learning new-to-English induction framework, an EAL handbook template, training presentation and training manual with all the materials for training others to implement this framework in your school.

Additionally, the trainer receives Across Cultures certification as a registered programme trainer that allows them to train others in their school.

Who is it for:

The programme is designed for Experienced Class Teachers, ESL/EAL teachers, School Leadership, Head Teachers to train others in their school.

This course is for supporting teachers of 5-18 year old learners in schools (in the UK or international) where English is the language of instruction.

To find out more information about the course, or book your place, please click here.

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